With their new EP "Era of Corruption", BloodThread have reached a creative milestone that few bands get to in any style of music, let alone in the extremes of Death Metal. Hard to pigeon hole in to any sub-genre, the songs have a bit of something for everyone who loves their music properly heavy. Elements of Progressive, Brutal and Technical Death Metal can be found all the way through the EP; in many instances all in the same song, yet without making it sound disjointed or disturbing the flow of the music. 

Everyone in BloodThread share a common vision, to do something different, to not just sound like another typical "genre addition". A diverse range of influences from each member of the band all fuse together to create a unique style that is more than the sum of its parts. Songs that span from not much over the two minute mark up to nearly seven minute epics, you can find something to scratch whatever musical itch you have - unless that itch happens to be Free Jazz...

It has taken a long time and a lot of hard work; rehearsing and gigging relentlessly, playing up and down the length of the country, supporting such genre heavyweights as Cattle Decapitation and Vital Remains as well as touring Ireland (in the lead up to an esteemed slot playing the infamous "Siege of Limerick"). BloodThread have been building up to this release over several years.

Formed in 2012, BloodThread soon started making a name for themselves with live shows that would dominate the Glasgow metal scene, leading to support slots with the likes of Kylesa, P.A.I.N and Insision.

Releasing their debut EP "The Tolerance is Over" during this period to considerable acclaim, BloodThread then went through a painful and considerable change in line-up as members had to leave due to personal commitments. Following this there was almost a year before the band would then start gigging again. Founding member and guitarist Peter Wall was now joined by Tony Mitchell on vocal and guitar duties, Dikie easily filling what many had believed to be an extremely hard-to-follow spot behind the drumkit and Chris Mancini providing some low-end rumbling noises (and hints of melody) on the bass guitar, this was the iteration of BloodThread that would go on to define the band and their sound.

As BloodThread got back in to the writing habit with their new members, it quickly became apparent that the material now being written by the band was something special. Taking time with the music, never putting riffs together just for the sake of it and always making sure that the song itself was the priority; this care and attention to the music culminated with several sessions in the studio at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 tracking the songs found on "Era of Corruption". These would be the blueprints for the latest material that the band have been writing and showcasing in their more recent live shows.

2017 has already proved to be a massive year for BloodThread. Supporting Ghoul, Damim and the release of the eagerly awaited "Era of Corruption" in May, as well as playing Slaughterpit alongside Warlord (UK) and Gehtika. It would be hard for most bands to keep up the kind of momentum that BloodThread have been achieving, however BloodThread are definitely not "most bands"...